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Retaining Walls

MSEW is a new structure that protects the ecology and environment, provides landscape functions and prevent loss of water and erosion control.

Hock supplies high performance geosynthetics which match up different MSEW forms, for example, the general ecological concrete retaining wall, ecological bag retaining wall, gabion, flexible interlock retaining wall, etc.

Currently, ecological retaining wall has advantages in ecological environmental protection and will be demanded in the market. It can be applied in traffic, navigation channels, highway, urban construction, river control, etc. 

1. Quick and simple construction and reusable.
2. Flexible structure and low requirement on foundation.
3. Less land occupation, retaining wall of multi-layers are programmable.
4. Many forms with good looking modelling
5. Resistant to settlement of small scope and struture is reliable.
6. Compared with the traditional retaining wall, omposite cost is lower. 


1. Slope protection and managment

2. Slope protection along the rivers and channels

3. MSEW along the highways

4. Greening retaining walls in urban

5. Protection structure of soil reinforced flexible retaining walls

6. Soil reinforced bridge abutments