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Composite Mattress

Composite mattress is a synthetic geofabric which is composed of geomattress and ballasting materials. It is characterized by reinforcement belt which is sewn with intervals on the mattress. There are lacing strips sewn with intervals on the reinforcement belt and ballasting material will be bound on those strips. Composite mattress is simple in structure, easy to assemble and install. It will deform according to the underwater topography after being sunk. Incidental loss is avoidable. Composite mattress can be manufactured in standardization and largely reduces the overall cost of the hydraulic projects.


1. Flexible structure and shape adjustable, good protection to the embankment

2. Anti-filter function of the geofabrics prevents the soil particles under cover from scouring.

3. High strength and durable, good economic benefits


Hydraulic engineering, such as cofferdam, protection of the sea dyke, water reservoir, dam, etc.