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Knitted Geotextile


Hock PET coated composite geotextile is a new road reinforcement material which is  warp knitted of high strength, high modulus and low shrink PET yarn and super thin hot melt nonwoven and then coated with modified asphalt, and used to prevent the reflexive cracks, rain destruction, improve the road bearing capacity and reinforce the structure of the renewed roads.


High tensile strength

High temperature resistance, melting point is 255℃

Low absorbing capacity of asphalt

Stable structure, easy construction


1. Reinforcement of new roads and road widening

2. Old concrete road to be paved with asphalt

3. Repair of the asphalt road cracks and maintenance of the old asphalt roads

4. Strengthen the heavy duty highways and municipal roads, reinforce the airport runways.