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Hock brought in German yarn extrusion machine to produce different types of PP monofilament, slit film according to property of raw material and requirements of engineering. Slit film weaving geotextile is classified by raw materials into PP, PE, etc. slit film weaving geotextile is classified by yarn structure into cutting film yarn, bust film yarn, etc. We design and manufacture PP slit film weaving geotextile based on market demand. Slit film woven fabrics is manufactured with flat film by circular weaving or plain weaving and widely used in hydraulic engineering, electro engineering, harbor, roads, railway and other geotechnical engineering.

We manufacture woven with the material produced by our extrusion machine by professional extrusion technology and weaving technology to make its mechanics index and hydraulic features better than the ordinary woven and nonwoven geotextile.


1. High strength: the PP flat film stays with enough strength and extension in both dry and humid condition

2. Resistance to corrosion in soil and water with different PH values

3. Good water permeability: there is space between flat films. Different water permeability is available.

4. Durable: resistance to U, excellent durability, resistance to chemical environment and microorganism;

5. Easy construction: flexible and light, transportation, installation and construction is easy to handle.