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In environmental engineering, geosynthetics has been used to build the liner system and covering system of the landfill, to make the landfill impermeable, gas insulation, stinking insulation as well as bottom reinforced and protected.

Environmental dredging is an important mean to remove the pollution of lakes and reduce the pollution. In the environmental dredging, sludge containing lots of water will be created. If it often rains at the dredging area, sludge cannot dry in short time and will take up the land for a long time, then slow down the engineering advancement and affect the investment. Therefore, the dewatering and volume reduction of the dredged sludge is the precondition of the resource utilization.

Being practiced a lot in lots of engineering we successfully developed the geotextile tube dewatering technology, solved the problem of sludge from polluted rivers and lakes more environmentally and energy saving. This technology is widely used in environmental dredging. Geotextile tube dewatering technology is a completely new technology combines the isolation of water and soil together with sludge dewatering. Compared with conventional technology, it is more stable in performance, more simple in procedures and better effect. Total investment and treatment cost is lower, and thus more competitive. The basic principle of Geotextile tube is taking advantages of the effective aperture of geotextile tube which is able to filter, and the hydraulic pressure from the liquid in geotextile tube, added in flocculent to speed up the isolation of water and mud. Water comes out, and sludge stays inside the geotextile tube.


Municipal waste, composited protection structure of landfills

Prevention of slope hazards

Reinforced retaining structure of the landfill slopes

Filter of the sewage