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As the mining engineering develops, our business strategy is: safety

We have been focusing on the research of the nonmetal safety materials to solve the underground engineering hazards which bring danger to human beings. Currently, we have gained some achievements.

The development of nonmetal safety materials is the foundation of our technology. We take advantages of the latest fiber synthetic technology to research and develop the special high strength flexible products for supporting which have been proved to be able to effectively solve the most complicated problem of mining ground control.

Our products are known as advanced, economical and good performance. Our installation is known as simple, safe and advanced. Our products have been widely promoted and applied all over the world, meeting the safety requirement of mining.

Our research and development scheme includes two basic objectives: first, combines with the mining engineers’ need to perfect the ground control and flexible support technology, continues to improve quality, develop new products to meet customers’ need; second, build and expand the international market, introducing latest technology and broaden our business. 

Geosynthetics has been widely used in mining engineering and gained satisfactory result. The most important is it has improved the economic benefits and environmental protection of mining engineering. Currently, various types of geosynthetics have been used in many typical construction engineering and administration projects of opencast mines, underground mines and metallurgical mines.

Taking advantages of most advanced technology, providing quality products is our development orientation.  You demand is our assignment. We promise to offer you the best service!


Underground tunneling support

Roof protection of the LW before recovery

Build the temporary high strength retaining structure for cut and fill mining
reinforcement of slopes and ecological slope protection of opencast mines.