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Mining Support Series

Coal mines LW recovery grid, PET flexible grid, integral recovery screening

Grid mining recovery screening for LW recovery, which is made of high strength, high modulus and low creep PET filament and coated, is especially for roof control during the recovery of the fully mechanized LW to substitute the manually installed wire grid, simplifying the recovery procedures and improving the recovery safety and efficiency.

Mining recovery screening will be unfolded and hung when the end mining comes to 10-25m away from the stopping line. Manual winches which are fixed to the shields and pulleys are used ad auxiliary tools to hang the grid at a time, and also unfold the grid, lift the grid and advance the grid. It is of technical innovation meaning to improve the LW recovery efficiency and safety.

Grid mining recovery screening is 1-5m wide and 50-400m long. It is prefabricated according to the LW dimension with products of different specifications. The products strength ranges from 30kn/m to 1200kn/m and specially prefabricated products are available upon customer demand.

High quality mining high strength PET flexible grid

Hock specializes in the research, development and application of the heavy duty fiber products. Currently, we have four categories, 15 specifications of geosynthetics and we are able to manufacture products of different category and different specifications. We offer high quality products meeting different construction requirements and consultation service for construction and special engineerings.

Construction technological service of the mining high strength PET grid

In order to coordinate construction to fulfill the products' performance, Hock provides job-site technical service. We are experienced in underground coal mine construction and technical service, and can make technical plan according to different job-site conditions. We standardize our operation, and self-check the construction to guarantee the quality.