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PET Knitting

PET warp knitted geosynthetics is made of high strength PET filament, warp knitted to be gridding base cloth, and then coated with high molecular polymer to be the high strength geogrid.

Hock is specialized in the manufacture of PET geogrid. We choose high performance PET filament fiber as raw material and warp knitted at German Karl Mayer machines. Geogrid is aligned structure. There is no bending along the weft yarn and warp yarn. Junction is stitched with high strength fiber to make it solid and fulfill its mechanics performance and integrity. Different kinds of PET warp knitted material are available according to technological requirements.

Warp knitted PET geogrid is high tensile strength, low elongation, resistance to tear, UV, aging, abrasion and corrosion, can be designed to be different strength uniaxially or biaxially. It is used to improve the shear strength of soil and increase the overall bearing capacity of soil.

1. high tensile strength (up to 1600kn/m)

2. low elongation (≤10%)

3. low creep, low installation damage

4. resistance to corrosion and aging

5. good interlocking ability

6. high molecular, less carboxyl end group, and durable

7. different coating is available