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Geosynthetics has been an integral part of road, railways, airport runways, bridges, tunnels and culverts engineering. It can be used for soft ground improvement, embankment reinforcement, ballast bed reinforcement, abutment reinforcement, roadbed reinforcement of pile work, and so on.

PET geogrid can be used to build roads, railways to save land resource, labors and materials. It is effect to resist seismic. Based on the safety factor, embankment is designed with different gradients. Soil from the raw land is taken as the filling materials to save the cost and time.

PET geogrid, applied in the reinforced embankment, is used to form the flexible integral foundation with large bearing structure and reduce the paving thickness by reinforcing the combination property. PET geogrid is high strength, able to avoid the embankment destruction result from the break of geosynthetics under large strain caused by loading. PET geogrid has special advantages in strength, anti- freeze thawing and durability, especially at the soft ground, reinforced earth embankment on frozen earth.

In order to prevent the differential settlement, the aperture, high strength strips and durability will maximally distribute load, improve the load distribution and improve the bearing capacity of foundation, then the ballast bed becomes a solid platform with flexibility. In some special section of road, partially reinforced high strength PET geogrid is applied to constrain the lateral displacement in order to keep the integrity of the architecture, improve the bearing capacity of foundation and reduce maintenance cost.

Pile works reinforced structure is a new soft ground improvement technology of road engineering developed in recent years. Taking advantages of high strength knitted PET geogrid and high strength filament woven to build the reinforcement cushion, combines with other structures to form the horizontally reinforced body. This is an economical and efficient solution for the construction of roads and bridges on soft ground.