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PET Knitted Woven

Polyester geocomposite is a new geomaterial which takes the polyester fiber as the reinforcement material and combines short fiber or long fiber nonwoven.

Polyester geocomposite is different from ordinary woven. Its most important characteristic is there is no bend at the junction point of weft and warp which is straight. Junction is combined by the stitch yarn. Weft and warp bear the load and distribute the stress synchronously.

When the composition is being done by warp knitting, stitching yarn repeatedly penetrates the warp yarn and weft yarn and combines the three items together. Then high tenacity, low elongation is reached. Polyester geocomposite is a multifunctional material and an internationally high-level base material and can be used for reinforcement and isolative protection. 

High tensile strength and resistant to corrosion.

Good anti-filter and isolation function

The nonwoven which is the substrate is good in dewatering.

Resistant to puncture and good in protection

Abrasion resistant and good tensile strength to make reinforcement