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PET Knitted Geogrids


HockGrid is made of high tenacity polyester yarn manufactured by the Chinese large yarn suppliers. Yarn is knitted to be mesh on the Karl Mayer machine and coated with our special technology. We can manufacture uniaxial and biaxial polyester geogrid and customized coating is available.


Polyester knitted geogrid is high tenacity and resistant to creep, corrosion, aging. etc.


HockGrid has been widely used in engineering of roadway, railway, hydraulic, ocean and municipal works, especially for the reinforcement of soft ground, roadbed, dam and other projects.

Reinforcement of the soft ground roadbed of the roadway, railway and pavement to effectively increase the roadbed strength and prolong the service life.

Reinforcement and isolation of the dam, bank and slope and riverway in the hydraulic projects to consolidate the soft ground, reinforce protective capability and improve the bearing capacity and capability of the foundation.

Reinforcement of the embankment, slope, retaining wall, road widening, ecological green retaining wall, etc to reduce cost and improve structure stability.