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The application of geosynthetics is essential to build protection structure during the land reclamation, port, approach, course, river ways, dyke, cofferdam and other hydraulic engineering construction and restoration. It is speedy and efficient to use the high performance geosynethtics to build protection cover or protection structure. In the hydraulic engineering of river bank and slope protection and the management of river bank collapse, geosynethtics is applied to build new and efficient protection which fulfills the geosynthetics functions of reinforcement, isolation, anti-filter and protection.


Build the reinforced hydraulic dam

Engineering soft ground improvement

Protection and management of banks and slopes

Build large geobags

Bank and slope protection and management

River bank collapse is an important problem in flood control and disaster reduction which needs to be solved urgently. Slope toe is scoured, the rest part will collapse into rivers, rivers continue to destroy the rest shoal and the dikes recede gradually. Many rivers’ regime is not stable, erosion and deposition changes frequently, and scouring of shoals is ordinary and serious. Application of the geosynetics will simplify and speed up the construction.

Flood-fighting and emergency rescues

High performance geosynthetics is standardized, high tensile strength, soft, adaptable to deformation, light, easy storage and installation, speedy to rescue the emergency and good integrity. It suits to deal with different emergencies and cost is low, has been widely used in the flood fight not only in China but also abroad. Process the geosynthetics to be bags or long tube, filled with soil, gravels, sand, and sealed as geobag which can be piled up in flood fight, built small dikes, permeate water to weights in order to prevent soil and water loss, inner wall of downstream slopes and outer wall of the upstream slopes, fill the collapse, block the cavity of inlet and cram into the burst. Woven geotextile, filled with fine sand or soil, is also feasible.