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Sludge Baffle Curtain


Sludge baffle curtain is mainly used in the prevention and management of polluted lakes, restoration of water, aquatic ecosystem reestablishment, sludge dredging, hydraulic reclamation, river diversion, algae blockage and other scientific and hydraulic engineering. In the control process of the lakes and coasts, part of the water should be blocked to prevent hazardous substances extending, drifting, diffusing to get water restored and water quality improved. During the dredging work of port construction, the sludge spreading will destroy the ecology and aquaculture. Water blockage will isolate the construction area from the other area to prevent pollution extending, thus effectively protect the ecology and aquaculture.


1. High strength, good to ride the wave, stable. Water penetrates the curtain with the muddy matter blocks.  Antifouling reaches up to 30%. Construction is simple and quick.

2. Different materials are available according to application lifecycle to reduce cost.

3. Floating body is available as single buoy composed or flexible floating integrated

4. The length of each section, height, floating body size is determined based on the actual conditions such as water depth, flow rate, wave height, wind power, etc. As manufacturer, we make production upon combining the water depth, flow rate, wave height, wind power and customer requirements.


Sludge blockage of marine engineering

Sludge isolation of port and wharf

Dredging of the water reservoir


Environmental engineering