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As a relatively advanced technical material in ocean engineering, high performance geosynthetics has been used in many engineetings. Hock PET knitted geogrid, woven geotextile, geotextile tube and gecomposite is able to plan important role in port, coasts, cofferdams, channel construction, breakwater, seawalls and other ocean engineerings.

As the economy and society develops quickly, construction land becomes less and less, coastal regions starts to reclaim from the sea. On the other hand, land reclamation is less constrained, low cost. And land is freer to be used after land reclamation. Therefore, it is thought that land reclamation from the sea is the most economical, most speedy and freest -“three most” engineering.   

Land reclamation from the sea is a breakthrough, pumping the sludge from the channel dredging into the geotube until the sludge deposits and solidifies. With the help of geosynthetics functions, geotube forms large area by combining action with the backfill body. Taking advantages of high strength PET knitted geogrid, reinforce the berth to form solid foundation. As for the construction of breakwater, geosynthetics or other geocomposite has been applied in China and other countries to reinforce solid foundation.


Ground improvement in land reclamation

Ocean protection

Soft ground reinforcement

Cofferdam construction

Reinforcement of the muddy foundation


Filling geobag