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One coal mine in Shanxi Province used independently the flexible mining grid for moves of hydraulic shields for the first time

Pubdate: 2015-05-27 15:36

In order to improve the technological level of the longwall moves, effectively save the cost and change the situation that the longwall moves are always done by one professional longwall moves company, one state-owned coal mine in Shanxi province removes the longwall 7206 independently with the application of miniing grid which was manufactured by Hock.

The production preparation section was responsible for this longwall moves. The 7206 longwall was equipped with 96 mechnized shields. In order to ensure the longwall moves safety, the coal mine made detailed construction plan and learnt longwall moves technology from brother coal mines. They investigated and studied our mining grid technology for longwall moves. In additon, they invited our engineers to do the technological exchange with the coal mine technicians, comparing and anyalysing the mining grid and wire grid.

The independent shield moves made innovation on the shield moves, accumulated precious experiences and saved cost. The flexible mining grid improved the longwall move efficiency and also practiced and improved the technological level of their engineers on the longwall moves.